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Scrabble and Facebook Word Games including Words with Friends

Scrabble has always been a popular board game that can be enjoyed by all the family. With the Internet age, new versions of the game are now being played online.

The trademarked game Scrabble itself is available on Facebook and is pretty much identical to the traditional board game. It does have some nice features, including being able to play against your Facebook friends. The free version of the game has pop up advertisements that must be viewed in between turns. There is also a paid for version with additional features, such as a helper who can tell you what your best play would have been. Paying for the game also means that you will no longer have to sit through adverts.

Both versions have a side panel which shows all the 2 letter words, very handy for making the most of your letters. There is also a dictionary which you can use to check your word before playing them. These features, along with the fact that you do not lose a turn if you play an invalid word, could be seen as cheating to traditionalists. If you choose not to use these helpers, then you might feel that you are missing out, as you have no way of knowing if your opponents are taking advantage of these helpers. It is a fun game though and you can have several games on the go at once, which can be handy when your opponent may not be online at the same time as you.

Words with Friends is another online game that bears many similarities to Scrabble. It is a game for 2 players only but like Scrabble, each player has 7 tiles that are replenished after each turn. Words with Friends is however not an official Scrabble game. It is a popular Facebook game and there are also apps for Android, Apple and Windows devices. In 2010-11, Words with Friends was one of the top ranked apps in the Apple store, showing that the game was rated highly by many players. There is a free version available, which includes advertisements or a paid for game, which is ad-free. Words with Friends has become a way for people to make new friends online, with at least once instance of couples meeting online playing the game and later marrying.