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Increase your vocabulary and your Scrabble score by using the online word checker

Are you a keen Scrabble player but sometimes cannot get past a mental block? Then look no further, we can help you unblock those high scoring words with our Scrabble Word Checker.

Just type in the letters from your rack and in a trice we will show you every possible valid word that can be made. The Scrabble Wordchecker is better than any old anagram website, as it allows you to put in a question mark for those handy blanks. The word finder will then work away in the background to generate words using every possible combination of letters to produce (hopefully) the winning word. Dictionaries may now be obsolete, as finding a word online is quicker and easier than fumbling your way through a thick book, which should free up some space on your bookcase for your new Scrabble trophies!

If your online Scrabble opponents always seem to come up with impossible seven letter words, then match them by using the word finder to max out your scores. It is not just useful for Scrabble though, other word games like Bananagrams or Words with Friends will also be improved by using the word search facility.
Remember, you don't have to know the meaning of a word to be able to play it! We can't guarantee that you will win every game but hopefully your odds will improve when you've got our super tool at your fingertips.